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2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Traveling Families | Family Vacation Critic

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Traveling Families


Give the gift of travel gear in 2014. All of these products are fun, yet practical, items for use on family vacations, or after, when it”s time to commemorate that road trip through the Grand Canyon or your child”s first visit to Disney World. Plus, some of these gifts are just as useful at home!

Written by Lissa Poirot, Amanda Geronikos, Hilarey Wojtowicz and Morgan Agesen



When traveling, it"s difficult to keep everyone"s phones and tablets charged. The solution is Chargepod from Callpod Mobile Necessities, which charges up to six devices at a time. Compatible with cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, tablets and portable gaming systems, charge six devices with one outlet – the charger even regulates the charge so devices are safe. The Chargepod comes with a travel pouch and weighs less than 2 ounces.

Approximate Cost: $50

Travel Stub Diary

Surely, you"ve collected a variety of items during your family vacations, such as ticket stubs, maps, postcards, and airplane or train tickets. What to do with it all? Display your mementos in this Travel Stub Diary by Uncommon Goods. The diary features clear sleeves to store and show off items with acid-free pages that won"t yellow, and allow for diary owners to jot down notes and comments. The 48-page diary features 32 full-page sleeves and 16 pages with two sleeves.

Approximate Cost: $12

2GoTablet iPad Holder

Essential for any road trip, the 2GoTablet iPad Holder connects to headrests in all vehicles with the click of a buckle. The straps are adjustable and will hold the iPad tightly, allowing kids to watch their favorite shows or movies while you drive. Plus, the iPad screen is fully accessible, making it easy to use while in the holder.

Approximate Cost: $30

FlyeBaby Infant Airplane Seat

Designed for infants under 25 pounds, the FlyeBaby Infant Airplane Seat is perfect for both frequent and first-time fliers. After take-off, hook the hammock to the top of the tray table. The bottom then straps to the parent"s waist and baby is securely fastened in the hammock through a five-point harness. Parents can easily feed and play with infants before landing, when the instant seat rolls up and fits into any carry-on. It can also be used as a highchair by fastening to the back of another seat at a restaurant. It meets all FAA regulations and is machine washable.

Approximate Cost: $50

Super Pen Translator

For those who like to travel abroad, the Super Pen Translator can be a godsend. The portable, handheld translator, offered by WizCom Tech, will scan a word or full line of text and provide a word-by-word translation. It"s great for translating menus or local newspapers. The translator also provides pronunciation of words in multiple languages.

Approximate Cost: $199

Cork Globe

Travelers can keep track of where they have been and where they are going on this globe made of cork. The 10-inch globe by SuckUK is mounted on a stainless steel base and can fit on a bookshelf or tabletop. The globe comes with pins, but any pins or thumbtacks will work with the globe, which features a simple black map highlighting the world"s countries.

Approximate Cost: $200

Crayola Window Crayons

No coloring books needed! These handy crayons write smoothly and dry quickly on car windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. The pack includes five washable crayons in blue, green, black, red and yellow.

Approximate Cost: $5

Multi-Function Rolling Cooler with Table and 2 Chairs

Brought to you by Best Choice Products, this item is essential for trips to the beach or park (or anywhere, really). Just as the name suggests, the cooler extends to become a long table with two chairs. Plus, it features large, wide wheels for easy navigation on sand.

Approximate Cost: $65

LeapPad 3

One of LeapFrog"s newest additions, LeapPad 3 is a top-notch tablet for kids. It comes with 10 free apps, and has a long battery life for trips. It"s also light and compact for small hands, and offers added screen protection. The LeapPad 3 has Wi-Fi capabilities, so it"s possible to stream movies, too.

Approximate Cost: $100

Melissa and Doug License Plate Game

This game is perfect for passing time on family road trips. Simply identify state license plates and flip corresponding pieces over on the game board, which is reusable. It"s also fun to play at home – use it to learn the names of states, their capitols and locations.

Approximate Cost: $20

VTech KidiZoom Camera

This kid-approved camera, available in multiple colors, is comparable to a standard digital camera, with 1.3 megapixels and a 4X zoom. However, it also offers unique features just for kids, including funky photo effects and voice-changing capabilities for videos.

Approximate Cost: $55

Kikkerland Head Rest

When it"s time for a nap, this cute little brown bear can be a teddy bear OR a travel pillow – there"s no excuse not to catch some Zzzz"s on your next trip! The pillow"s interchangeable zip-and-flip design keeps it free of germs while traveling, too.

Approximate Cost: $30

Our team of parents and travel experts chooses each product and service we recommend. Anything you purchase through links on our site may earn us a commission.

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