Family on a beach blanket in the sand.; Courtesy of Twenty20 Family on a beach blanket in the sand.; Courtesy of Twenty20

8 Best Beach Blankets For Families

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Whether you’re heading to the sandy shores for a weekend family getaway or soaking up the sun at a rental home, you’ll need to pack several beach essentials. One of the most important items to pack is a beach blanket that the entire family can fit on, and one that’s as easy to lay out as it is to pack up.

From sand-proof and waterproof to beach blankets with their own carry bags, we’ve rounded up some of the best beach blankets for families.

Wekapo Beach Blanket; Courtesy of Amazon

1. Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blanket

The Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blanket has enough room for up to seven adults, and sand wipes away from the surface of this beach blanket. It comes in three color variations—blue, green, and purple—all of which are striped. The Wekapo blanket comes with four stakes and a storage bag and only weighs 14 ounces, so it’s super light to carry in a beach bag.

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WolfWise Beach Blanket; Courtesy of Amazon

2. WolfWise Picnic Blanket Mat Waterproof Extra Large

For picnics down on the sand in the late afternoon, a waterproof picnic mat might be all that you need. This double-duty picnic and beach blanket comes with its own top handle for easy carrying. The mat is a 6.5 foot by 6.5 foot square, so it’s big enough for the entire family. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, including green stripes, green leaves, blue with fish, and red and navy.

UrbanEco Beach Blanket; Courtesy of Amazon

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3. UrbanEco Outdoors Lightweight Beach Blanket

Beach days are filled with fun in the sun, and that’s even more true with this UrbanEco beach blanket that’s waterproof and sand-proof. Anchor the blanket down with the six included stakes so it doesn’t fly away on windy days. One unique part of this beach blanket is that it has an integrated carry case, so there’s no need to worry about an extra piece of equipment while enjoying the beach. The blanket comes in five colors: blue fusion, blue leaves, green leaves, pink leaves, and rainbow dash.

Beach Blanket; Courtesy of Walmart

4. Beach Blanket Oversized Sand Free

Fit the whole family on this oversized beach blanket. The bold striped design will make it easy to spot on the beach after playing in the ocean. The lightweight fabric is ideal for warm beach days since it won’t get too hot. You can make sure the blanket doesn’t fly away by filling the six sand pockets that line the outer edge of the blanket. To pack it up, simply wipe away any sand and put it back in the included carry bag.

ZOMAKE beach blanket; Courtesy of Amazon

5. ZOMAKE Picnic Blanket Mat

If you’re looking for something that’s easily carried to and from the beach, this picnic blanket mat is just the thing. It’s got three layers, including one sponge layer in the middle, which makes it super comfortable to lay on and enjoy a snack. The blanket is waterproof and sand-proof, making it super convenient for clean up when your beach day is over. It comes in quite a few colors including gray and blue, red and blue, and teal.

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Sunlit beach blanket; Courtesy of Amazon

6. Sunlit Silky Soft Boho Sand Proof Beach Blanket

Your family will aways know where their spot on the beach is with this colorful Sunlit beach blanket. It’s 6 foot by 7 foot, making it large enough for the entire crew to lounge on. The blanket is sand-resistant, water-repellent, and made with odorless fabrics so it’s easy to pack up after a day at the beach. In place of stakes it has four pockets that are to be filled with sand to hold down the blanket so it doesn’t fly away.

Picnic beach blanket; Courtesy of Amazon

7. Picnic Outdoor Blanket, Park Blanket, Beach Mat

Even though this is technically a picnic blanket, it can have double duty use as a beach blanket. This blanket is waterproof and comes in four color varieties: blue, orange, red, and white and blue. For an even easier time carrying this to the beach, just carry it by the strap that’s integrated into the design.

Pink Beach Blanket; Courtesy of Walmart

8. Waterproof Pink Large Sandless Beach Mat

Enjoy the beach with this waterproof, sandless beach mat. Sprawl out and catch some rays with your family, and walk away without sand all over everything you’ve touched. The blanket is held down with stakes, but they are not included. To clean this one, just hose it off and hang dry before your next beach day.

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