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Cobble Beach


Cobble Beach

750 NW Lighthouse Dr., Newport, OR

Just to the north of Newport is the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, and one of its highlights is Cobble Beach. Kids will love it from the instant they step onto the tiny black basalt stones that have been rounded and smoothed over thousands of years. The satisfying crunch of their feet isn’t the only sound they’ll here. At high tide, they will quickly notice that every ocean wave that arrives on shore creates a cacophony of sounds as the little stones, or cobbles, clink and rattle against each other. It’s a unique experience, and one your kids will remember. At low tide, there are plenty of tide pools to explore, but you really must come here for the memorable sounds of high tide. The steps down to Cobble Beach are sturdy but steep, so keep a firm grip on your little ones’ hand.

There is a $7 per car fee to enter the Natural Area.