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Indochina Sails


Indochina Sails

Royal Tourism Pier, Hanoi

Before your visit to Ha Long Bay, showcase this UNESCO World Heritage Site with a family watch party of the 2015 version of “Pan” and the 2017 “Kong: Skull Island.” If appropriate for your family, you might want to throw in James Bond’s “Tomorrow Never Dies.” All of these movies were shot in Ha Long Bay.

The bay is remarkable for many reasons. Nearly 2,000 small islets dot a space of nearly 900 square miles. While there are dozens of charters that explore these emerald green waters, an overnight on IndoChina Sails allows for a more peaceful experience and sunrise over the misty bay.

Tours will include visits to six historic “floating villages,” where up to 500 people live entirely on their boats. A floating hut about the size of a garden shed is the village school.

Things to Know

Although there are board games and books in the lounge, this is a small ship with limited activities other than being on deck and enjoying the scenery. A brief stop at an island with a sandy beach allows for splashing in the bay.