Family Activities:

Ixtapa Island (Isla Ixtapa)


Hop on a small water taxi at the pier near Playa Linda and enjoy the calm and quick boat ride over to the Isla Ixtapa (Ixtapa Island). This island paradise offers picturesque views, calm blue waters and white sands. There are several restaurant options (Lili Cipriani, Tres Sirenas Ixtapa and Princess Rebeca are a few) on the island and you choose which restaurant location you prefer most. Some restaurants like Lili Cipriani offer access to both sides of the island. Once you choose a restaurant, spend the whole day using the tables, chairs and umbrellas, and ordering food and drinks from that restaurant while enjoying the sun and fun of the island. The restaurant chair options are the only options for chairs on the island.

Once you have your home base situated on the island, families can enjoy swimming and snorkeling (equipment available to rent) in the calm waters. There are lots of fish to see under the water. Go for a hike on the trails around the island and feed the deer that have settled there. The deer were brought to the island to film a movie years ago and they never left. The deer enjoy eating tortilla so be sure to ask your waiter for some extra tortillas. Large rabbits also inhabit the island. Families could easily spend an entire beach day here.

The last boat off the island leaves around 5 p.m. so be aware of the time. And on busy weekends or holidays, the line at Playa Linda pier to get on the boats can be extremely long, especially while waiting under the hot sun. Visiting Isla Ixtapa during the week may be a good way to avoid the crowds.

About 50 pesos round-trip (less than $3) for the water taxi and whatever the cost of food and drink at the restaurant. Tips for the boat crew and snorkel guides are accepted.

Lili Cipriani video