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Mayan Ruins of Tulum


Mayan Ruins of Tulum


Any trip to the Mayan Riviera is not complete without a visit to the ruins in Tulum. Located right on the sea, the historical site showcases a mix of fantastic views and fascinating history (did you know the Mayans used chocolate as currency?). A small beach beckons visitors (especially because of the heat); note that it requires climbing down and back up a serious set of stairs.

Bring plenty of water, sunscreen and a set of dry clothes — the site is about an hour away from many resorts. Also opt to take a train to the ruins’ entrance (it’s a mile-long walk otherwise). Strollers (and young children) are not recommended for Tulum — the grounds are consistently crowded with tourists.

A small complex at the site’s entrance offers food and drink options (there’s even a Subway), plus souvenirs, but be cautious of peddlers, who are very pushy about selling their goods. Stay away from people who showcase live animals, too (baby lions, giant iguanas and more) — they want you to pay them for photos.