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Parades, Major Shows and Fireworks


Parades, Major Shows and Fireworks

West Buena Vista Drive, , Magic Kingdom,, Disney World, 32830, FL

Evening shows not to miss include “Wishes” nighttime spectacular (arguably the best fireworks show in the World), “The Magic, the Memories and You” (a showcase of guest memories projected on Cinderella Castle) and “Main Street Electrical Parade” (a recently reintroduced luminescent blast from the past featuring floating tributes to classic Disney movies). To get a prime view of the latter, head to Frontierland. During the day, entertaining highlights include “Celebrate a Dream Come True” (an afternoon parade showcasing the history of Disney animation) and “Dream Along with Mickey” (a Cinderella Castle stage show starring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Friends).

For best results viewing the parades, stake your place at least 30 minutes prior to the start. Prior to nighttime shows, you can purchase all sorts of light-up toys, which can be a great distraction for smaller children. Popular daytime purchases include handheld cooling mist fans. Budget ahead for these items, or if you’re looking to conserve cash, plan to buy them before you leave home.

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