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Underwater Sculptures


Underwater Sculptures

Moliniere Bay, St. George's

Grenada has the first-ever, underwater sculpture park! Others have since been built, but this was the first in the world. The Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park was created by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor in 2006. There are over 65 concrete sculptures spread across roughly 800 square meters underwater.

To access the park, it is most effective to get a water taxi to and from the site; however, strong swimmers can snorkel to the site from shore. Plan about an hour-long swim each way.

The most popular sculptures in the park include Grace Reef at a depth of 12 feet, The Lost Correspondent at a depth of 22 feet, The Unstill Life at a depth of 25 feet, Vicissitudes, at a depth of 14 feet, and Taylor’s most recognized work in the park that features a ring of 26 children holding hands, The Fall From Grace, at a depth of 21 feet. The various depths help explain how some sculptures are easier to spot than others. Whether you choose to view the sculptures via scuba dive trip, snorkel trip, or simply glide over them with your eyes from a boat, it’s all quite interesting, unique and nice.