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9 Awesome Vacations for Superhero-Obsessed Families

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Because hunting down the Fortress of Solitude in the arctic and traversing a sewer system like a Ninja Turtle probably doesn’t make for the best family vacation (although the non-stop pizza sounds like a plus), we’ve assembled a team of awesome superhero-inspired family vacation destinations that will power-up your next trip!

Disney's Marvel Days at Sea

1. Meet Iron Man and Black Widow on Disney’s Marvel Days at Sea

Cruising Disney is a treat of its own. But booking your family on one of the immersive Marvel Day at Sea itineraries is bucket list item No. 1 for any superhero-obsessed kid. During your sailing, you and your children will see special stage shows, interact with costumed Marvel characters, play games and be completely immersed in the worlds of Iron Man, Black Widow, Spiderman, Dr. Strange, and more.

2. Be Like Thor and Loki in Norway

From the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo to the small village of Avaldsnes, home to the First Royal Throne of Norway, the Norse gods and Viking legends are alive and well in this gorgeous Scandinavian country. You likely won’t find any super heavy hammers strewn about while you travel around the stunning fjords, but few locales on earth come standard with as strong a sense of place, history and culture. Norway is your perfect superhero-inspired vacation destination, whether you sympathize with Loki’s character or not, and whether you prefer Thor with long or short hair.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris

3. Follow in The Footsteps of Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir in Paris

If your kids aren’t yet head over heels in love with Miraculous Ladybug, they will be soon. And when they are, that means a trip to Paris will be in order because the City of Lights is the picture-perfect setting for this remarkably popular cartoon show from France (on Netflix in the U.S.). Visit the Eiffel Tower like Marinette and Adrien, spend a day exploring the Louvre pretending to be Ladybug and Cat Noir, and walk the famous streets of the fourth arrondissement while keeping a keen eye out for evilized akumas sent down by Hawk Moth!

Recommended Hotel: Hotel Plaza Athenee

4. Do the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

A Justice League exhibit, and all the Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg memorabilia your heart desires awaits your family’s visit to Hollywood! Young super Amazonian ladies will have their minds blown as they see authentic costumes and set design pieces from the newest Wonder Woman movie, including the Princess of Themyscira’s Lasso of Hestia, armor, tiara, and that exquisite sword. Plus, you will walk into the Bat Cave and see the real Batmobiles from The Dark Knight Trilogoy, as well as Batman films from the 90’s!

Recommended Hotel: Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City

5. Visit Superman’s Hometown

Located smack dab between Nashville and St. Louis, the ‘home’ of Clark Kent might not warrant a standalone vacation. But a few hours spent as a pitstop during a Midwestern road trip could be super fun for your family!

In Metropolis, Illinois, you’ll find a massive statue of Superman, a bronze statue of Lois Lane, the Super Museum, a massive chunk of kryptonite, and the chance to try to bowl a perfect 300 score at SuperBowl.

Recommended Hotel: Holiday Inn Express Metropolis

Hall of Heroes Super Hero Museum

6. Go to the Hall of Heroes Super Hero Museum

In a perfect superhero universe, the Hall of Heroes Museum in Indiana would be a lot closer to Metropolis, Illinois. While those two states are neighbors, the cities are at opposite ends of the map. Still, any superhero family visiting South Bend, Indiana, for a Notre Dame game or making their way west to Chicago should definitely swing by the two-story memorabilia, comic book and toy collection fashioned into a Super Hero Museum.

Recommended Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Elkhart

Star Wars Days at Sea

7. Use the Force on Disney’s Star Wars Days at Sea

While some may still bemoan the sale of the Star Wars franchise to Disney, it certainly has made the characters more accessible (and the movies are rolling out like they’re being made on a production line). Disney Cruise Line is, of course, in on the action now too, with their immersive Star Wars Day at Sea itineraries. During your sailing, you and your children will see special Star Wars themed stage shows, play games, use the force, and interact with favorite characters.

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8. Splurge on San Diego Comic Con

There are many comic con events across the country. But there’s nothing quite like the annual CosPlay crazy comic book and superhero gala that takes place in southern California. At least one pilgrimage to San Diego Comic Con is a must for any superhero-loving family. The opportunity to be with your people, to meet the stars, writers, directors, creators of the movies, comics, books and characters that you and your kids bond over, and to buy comic con exclusive toys and more is too good to pass up. SDCC is super busy and tickets aren’t easy to get, but you have to do San Diego Comic Con at least once!

Recommended Hotel: Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

Superhero Movie Tour of New York

9. Take a Superhero Movie Tour of New York

It’s Gotham, it’s the fictional Metropolis, it’s New York City and it is absolutely teeming with street corners, buildings and other locations familiar from The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Robin, and Men in Black. See them all on this amazing guided tour! Or you can create your own route with the kids. Play a game of Seek-n-Find with the on-location superhero film sights by following the advice of dad blogger B.K. Mullen and his incredibly cool DIY superhero-movie sightseeing idea.

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