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11 Best Breast Pumps for Every Kind of Mom

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When you make the decision to breastfeed, you’re making a decision that’ll ultimately make it harder to leave your baby. However, these days, it’s easier than ever to travel without your baby, or go back to work and still get your baby the nutritional breastmilk he or she needs. Breast pumps have come a long way in recent years, and we have the lo-down on the different types to help you choose which one is best for you. Don’t forget to check in with your insurance company to see if they’ll cover the cost!

Whether you’re looking for something super portable, powerful, or something basic to use in between feedings, we’ve got you covered.

Medela Double Pump in Style Advanced with Tote ; Courtesy Amazon

1. Best Breast Pump for Travel: Medela Double Pump in Style Advanced with Tote 

The Medela Double Pump In Style Advanced is a great breast pump for travel. You can plug it in, or it also comes with a battery pack for when you need to pump somewhere away from home. It’s compact and lightweight enough that it won’t bog you down. It comes with everything you’ll need, including four bottles, a bottle holder cooler for easy transport of your milk, and a stylish tote to carry everything in. An added bonus?  The bottles will fit the Medela Calma Nipples, which mimics the suction needed on a breast, making it much easier for breastfed babies. It’s an extra purchase, but we promise it’s worth it!

Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump; Courtesy Amazon

2. Best Breast Pump for Larger Breasts: Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump

If you’re bigger-busted, the Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump is for you. It expresses milk quietly so it doesn’t disturb your sleeping baby, has a compact design, and features a cushioned flange for maximum comfort. It’s perfect if your baby only feeds on one side at a time; you can pump and feed at the same time! Or, if you don’t want to pump and feed, you can always use a Hakaa on the other side.

Harmony Breast Pump; Courtesy Amazon

3. Best Manual Breast Pump: Harmony Breast Pump

Made by Medela, the manual Harmony Breast Pump is perfect for moms who aren’t going to be pumping that often. It’s low in cost, includes two bottles, and has a soft padded swivel for comfort. It’s great to throw in your bag for when you’re on the go for a shorter period of time. 

Zomee Double  Breast Pump ; Courtesy Amazon

4. Best Breast Pump to Take to Work: Zomee Double  Breast Pump 

If you like things that look sleek, the Zomee Breast Pump is for you. A mint green touch screen, options to charge via plug, batteries or USB, plus an ultra-quiet operation, make this a great breast pump for working moms. You’ll love the anti backflow system and nine levels of suction.

Spectra S2Plus Electric Breast Pump with Gray Tote and Cooler; Courtesy Amazon

5. Best Breast Pump for Exclusive Pumping: Spectra S2Plus Electric Breast Pump with Gray Tote and Cooler

Anything that’s considered “hospital grade” must be a work horse. You’ll get a ton of use with the S2Plus Breast Pump from Spectra, a brand that’s owned and operated by a  registered nurse (and mom)! It’s a pretty pink color, and comes with a grey tote for easy transport. An added bonus: all containers and parts are BPA/ DEHP-free.

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Bellababy Double Electric Breast Pump ; Courtesy Amazon

6. Best Budget Wireless Double Breast Pump: Bellababy Double Electric Breast Pump 

While some breast pumps can cost a pretty penny, the Bellababy Double Electric Breast Pump is affordable, yet efficient. With a modern touch screen design, it’s completely wireless, making it easy to travel with. The display shows the working mode, suction level, time and, conveniently, the battery status. 

Nircooe Single Electric Breast Pump Intelligent Pump ; Courtesy Amazon

7. Best Budget Single Electric Breast Pump: Anburt Single Electric Breast Pump Intelligent Pump 

For moms who prefer pumping only one breast at a time, the Anburt Single Electric Breast Pump is affordable and has an ultra-modern design. The touch screen is super clear and easy to operate. You can switch between four modes: breastfeeding mode; massage mode; breast sucking mode; plus or minus suction +-9 level.

Unimom Manual Breast Pump with Soft Silicone Massaging Breast Shield ; Courtesy Amazon

8. Best Budget Manual Breast Pump: Unimom Manual Breast Pump with Soft Silicone Massaging Breast Shield 

This BPA-free hand held breast pump has everything you need at a super affordable price. For under $15, you get a diaphragm cover, diaphragm with stem, massager breast shield and shield cover, and a milk bottle with a stand and cover. It’s perfect for moms who aren’t going to be pumping a whole lot, but will need to from time to time.

Elvie Pump Silent Wearable Breast Pump with App; Courtesy Amazon

9. Best Hands Free Breast Pump: Elvie Pump Silent Wearable Breast Pump with App

You read that right—this is a completely wearable, hands free breast pump! Whether you’re traveling, working, or just trying to get things done around your house, you finally don’t have to plan your schedule around pumping. It’s perfect for moms on the go/working moms, and fits right right inside your nursing bra. It’s available as a double or single pump. You may also love the Willow Breast Pump

Bellababy Pocket Double Electric Breast Pump; Courtesy Amazon

10. Bellababy Pocket Double Electric Breast Pump – Best Breast Pump for Housework

Not as discrete as the Elvie, but just as convenient, the Bellababy Pocket Electric Breast Pump can hang around your neck with an included lanyard. Charge in your car, by USB, or in an outlet. It also includes storage bags for your milk. Lightweight and small, this Brest pump will allow you to cook, clean, or simply play with your baby while pumping!

IKARE Double Breast Pumps Hospital Grade, Electric Portable - ; Courtesy Amazon

11. Best Budget Hospital Grade Breast Pump: IKARE Double Breast Pumps Hospital Grade, Electric Portable – 

Less than $80 and hospital grade, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more affordable, powerful breast pump. This pump will mimic your baby’s sucking rhythm, has shields that adapt to your breast shape, and includes three different sizes for maximum, personal comfort. It includes a microfiber carrying bag for added convenience.

Remember, if one of these breast pumps catches your eye, but you prefer another kind of bottle, there are adapters for most pumps that will fit onto the bottle of your choice. If you like the looks of a non-hands free one, you can always get a hands-free pumping bra. My personal favorite is this one, by Simple Wishes. It’s always nice to be able to browse your phone, read a book, or eat while you pump!

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