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12 Best Family Board Games

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When you have downtime and extra mental stamina, it’s the perfect time to bond with the family over a board game. Put down the phones, gather around the table, and have some giggles over a game. These are the best family board games to play together in 2020.

Rat-a-Tat Roll; Courtesy of Amazon

1. Rat-a-Tat Roll

Remember Rat-a-Tat Cat, the fast-paced feline-themed card game? Parents who grew up playing the childhood classic will be inspired to share the newest family board game spin from Gamewright. In Rat-a-Tat Roll, you’ll “roll” around the world and compete to achieve the lowest score. Hold on to low cards and rid your hand of “ratty” high cards if you want to stay in the game! Designed for two to five players and ages 6 and up, Rat-a-Tat Roll is a great family board game for all occasions.

Draftosaurus; Courtesy of Amazon

2. Draftosaurus

If your kids love the game Sushi Go!, then they’ll totally dig Draftosaurus. In the new easy-to-learn, fun-to-play dino-drafting game, players compete to design a Dinosaur Park that attracts the most visitors. Be careful, though–you must adhere to strict guidelines in order to promote animal harmony. Great for literal thinkers, Draftosaurus is one of the best family board games that you’ll want to get your claws on this year. It’s designed for two to five players and ages 8 and up.

Sushi Roll; Courtesy of Amazon

3. Sushi Roll

Who knew that rice and dice make a deliciously entertaining combination? Satisfy an appetite for novelty with Sushi Roll. The easy-going new family board game for 2020 stirs up fun in any setting. Similar to the popular card game, Sushi Go, but with a dicey new twist, Sushi Roll will surely be the favorite dish at your next family game night. The family board game is designed for two to five players and ages 8 and older.

Trekking the National Parks: The Family Board Game; Courtesy of Amazon

4. Trekking the National Parks: The Family Board Game (Second Edition)

If you love adventure, the great outdoors and board games, you’ll be wild about Trekking the National Parks: the Family Board Game (Second Edition). Similar in format to Ticket to Ride, the updated travel-themed family board game takes you on a trek across the U.S. to visit national parks. Along the way, you’ll collect colorful stones, fun facts and geographic knowledge. The family board game is for two to five players. It’s recommended for ages 10 and up, but it can easily be adapted to include younger players.

Monopoly Voice Banking; Courtesy of Amazon

5. Monopoly Voice Banking

Delegate the cash-handling duties to Mr. Monopoly, an interactive electronic bank that serves as a modern money man, in Monopoly Voice Banking. The 21st century twist on this family board game for ages 8 and up, promises less work, and more playtime fun for everyone. It’s designed for two to four players.

The Logo Game - 2019 Edition; Courtesy of Amazon

6. The Logo Game – 2019 Edition

Fun for teens, tweens, seniors and multi-generational groups, The Logo Game-2019 Edition makes a great family game for ages 12 and up. In the updated 2019 edition of the popular family board game, you’ll use word and picture clues to identify popular brands. Answer questions correctly and be the first to reach the winning zone in order to be named logo master! This family board game is for two to six players.

Scrabble; Courtesy of Amazon

7. Scrabble

Lazy days and Scrabble are a natural combination. Even during downtime, you can help kids build their vocabularies by challenging them to a family spelling showdown! One of best family board games of all time, the classic word making tile game should be on every family’s vacation packing list. Recommended for ages 8 and older.

Monopoly National Parks Edition; Courtesy of Amazon

8. Monopoly National Parks Edition

Make your way across the US as you buy, sell and trade U.S. National Park properties in this special themed-edition of Monopoly. In this spin on the classic, outdoor adventures replace railroads, while battlefields and historic sites take the place of the “Community Chest.” Make some S’mores and gather round the board for a fun family adventure with this game that is best for ages 8 and up.

Pac Man: The Board Game; Courtesy of Amazon

9. Pac Man: The Board Game

Need an ice-breaker to get grandkids and the older generation on the same playing field? Pac Man fans can revisit their video game inspired childhoods with Pac Man: The Board Game, a retro blast from the past recommended for ages 10 and older. Complete with Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde and the “Waka! Waka!” wailing, pellet-gulping yellow man, this family board game maintains the spirit and strategy of the classic arcade game. Tweens and seniors will be equally amused. It’s best for two to five players.

Ticket to Ride First Journey; Courtesy of Amazon

10. Ticket to Ride First Journey

It’s all ages aboard for a cross-country train trip for the whole family! Based on the popular Ticket to Ride family board game, the new junior edition is simplified for younger players—but just as fun. Collect tickets while building a railway network to accomplish your mission of visiting the most cities in North America! One of the best games for families to play together, Ticket to Ride-First Journey is for two to four players and ages 6 and older.

Ticket to Ride; Courtesy of Amazon

11. Ticket to Ride

For holiday gatherings, vacations and family game nights, Ticket to Ride is your ticket to family board game fun. Popular with gamers and non-gamers alike, the fast-paced cross-country ticket collecting game is one of the best family board games of all time. It’s for two to five players and ages 8 and older.

Catan Junior; Courtesy of Amazon

12. Catan Junior

Got a young video gamer in the family? Introduce them to Catan Junior, the family board game that transforms tech-savvy kids into board game gurus. The junior version of one of the best board games of all time offers a simple style of play which is fast-paced and visual. The kid-friendly board game is sure to become a family game night favorite! It’s for two to four players and ages 6 and older.

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