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10 Best Travel Cooler Bags

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Traveling in hot and humid climates means you often need an extra layer of protection for perishables and delicate items. For the times when you need to keep your cool, these travel cooling bags and products really deliver.


PackIt Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler Bag; Courtesy of Amazon

1. PackIt Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler Bag

Keep precious breastmilk and formula safe during travel with the PackIt Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler. A patented freezable lining keeps breastmilk and formula chilled all day in this travel cooler bag. Clear dividers and an easy open top make clearing airport security and carrying breastmilk and formula onto a plane a breeze.

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Phoozy Thermal Phone Case; Courtesy of Amazon

2. Phoozy Thermal Phone Case

Designed to protect your smartphone from damage in extreme environments, the Phoozy is a thermal phone case with stamina to endure both frigid and sweltering conditions, from ski boats to ski slopes. The patented thermal shell floats in water, too, adding an extra layer of protection from the elements.


PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag; Courtesy of Amazon

3. PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag

Are you looking for a way to keep perishable items cool until lunchtime at a water park, summer camp, or at the beach this summer? The PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag is the refreshing solution! Simply freeze the bag overnight, then add snacks, lunch, drinks (and anything else you want to protect from hot and humid conditions). A wide base and a built-in handle add capacity and convenience to this soft cooler bag.


Frio Insulin Cooling Case; Courtesy of Amazon

4. Frio Insulin Cooling Case

If you’re traveling with temperature-sensitive medications like Insulin, the Frio Insulin Cooling Case offers heat safe assurance without the need for ice packs. Simply immerse the lightweight wallet in cool water for 10 minutes, then wait for gel beads to activate. Medications will stay cool all day.


PackIt Freezable Grocery Tote; Courtesy of Amazon

5. PackIt Freezable Grocery Tote

Whether you’re vacationing in hot and humid climates, or simply out running errands in the summer, the PackIt Freezable Grocery Tote is the fail safe storage solution for your recently-purchased perishables. Freeze the travel cooler bag overnight, then pack your perishables in it. Frozen gel pack lining and a zip closure that locks in air will keep food safe until you’re ready to unpack it.


ICY Cools Insulated Pouch; Courtesy of Amazon

6. ICY Cools Insulated Pouch

Great for toting small perishables, from kids snacks to breastmilk, the ICY Cools Neoprene Insulated Pouch is a multipurpose pouch made of scuba material. With the freezable gel pack insert, it can be used it to keep makeup, snacks, medicine or your smartphone safe from the elements.


PackIt Freezable Upright Backpack; Courtesy of Amazon

7. PackIt Freezable Upright Backpack

Keep your kids’ lunches fresh and cool at summer camp or on a trip to the beach with the PackIt Freezable Upright Backpack. Sized to fit small hands from toddlers to kindergardeners, the compact soft cooler backpack features a gel pack lined interior, a durable exterior and two adjustable, washable straps.

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OmieBox Bento Box for Kids; Courtesy of Amazon

8. OmieBox Bento Box for Kids

If your kids freak out when different foods “touch,” OmieBox Bento Box for Kids is an excellent all-weather fix. The insulated box contains dividers that separate food into four separate mix-proof compartments. A thermos insert allows you to pack hot foods like soup (also protected by a divider), which means kids can enjoy hot and cold items together without fear of unauthorized “mingling.” A built-in handle makes for easy carrying.

PackIt Freezable Snack Bag; Courtesy of Amazon

9. PackIt Freezable Snack Bag

Perfect for keeping cut fruit, vegetables and string cheese fresh, PackIt Freezable Snack Bags are sized right to fit in backpacks, day packs, or a diaper bag. This travel cooler bag is available in a variety of cute and colorful patterns, from “Spaceman” to “Mermaid.”


Cool-It Caddy; Courtesy of Amazon

10. Cool-It Caddy

Built to keep your ice pops frozen for hours, the Cool-It Caddy is a freezable multipurpose cooling tote that will also prevent makeup (and many other perishables) from melting. Just pop it in the freezer overnight, then remove and use it to chill and protect sunscreen, snacks, makeup and medications while you’re at the pool, beach, or on the go.

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