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9 Best Beach Games for Families

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If long days spent at the beach are on your vacation agenda, you know you’ll need things like sunscreen, towels, and sand pails. But it’s also a good idea to pack a few family beach games in your beach bag or wagon to help kids of all ages stay entertained and active. Here are some suggestions for the best family beach games.


1. CornHole

If you love playing cornhole at backyard barbecues, this version of CornHole lets you bring the beanbag-tossing action to the shore. The boards lock together for easy transportation with a convenient carry handle. Throw the bean bags into your beach bag, and you’ll be good to go!

Activ Flyer Beach Game; Courtesy of Amazon

2. Activ Flyer

Frisbee is a classic beach game. But instead of using an old-school, hard plastic disc, check out the Activ Flyer. It’s lightweight and easy to throw and catch, which means even little kids can try their hand at it without worrying about bruised or jammed fingers. And it floats, which is a plus, because you know someone in the family is inevitably going to unintentionally (or maybe intentionally?) launch it into the water at some point.

Unime Infilatable Flamingo Ring Toss Game

3. Unime Inflatable Flamingo Ring Toss Game

Unime’s Inflatable Flamingo Ring Toss Game provides both fun and photo ops. Sure, you could let the flamingoes just float in the water or sit on the sand and try to ring them that way. Or, two members of the family could strap them on their heads and make themselves the targets. We know which option would give the kids a serious case of the giggles! They come with a convenient air pump for easy set up!

TidalBall Beach Game; Courtesy of Amazon

4. TidalBall

Mix bocce ball with cornhole and you get TidalBall. Inside the game’s sand- and water-proof mesh bag, you’ll find instructions and a sand scoop for creating a playing court on the beach, with holes and trenches at each end. Then use the included wooden balls to start scoring points. The balls weigh less than a golf ball and float in case you accidentally toss them into the water.

GoSports Slammo

5. GoSports Slammo

Slammo from GoSports offers its own riff on volleyball. During two-on-two games, each team has three hits to spike the ball into the circular net. Points are scored when a team is unable to return the ball to the net. The game is easy to set up and comes with two competition-size balls, one training ball, and a backpack-style carrying case.

Funsparks Jazzminton Game

6. Funsparks Jazzminton Game

The kids can practice their counting skills without even realizing it as they track how long they can keep a volley going with the Funsparks Jazzminton Beach Paddleball Set. Use the two fluorescent plywood paddles to hit the included ball back and forth. Or opt for the red birdie for a slower-paced game or the heavyweight wind birdie that allows you to play in beach breezes up to 15 mph.

Waterproof Playing Cards Beach Game; Courtesy of Amazon

7. Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards

Want to play Go Fish at a place where you might actually see real fish? Then pack Hoyle’s Waterproof Playing Cards. The clear plastic cards are flexible and easy to shuffle and come in a handy carrying case. And because they’re waterproof, you don’t have to worry about wet hands or stray splashes as you’re playing War or another favorite card game.

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Waboba Pro

8. Waboba Pro

Take a typical game of catch to a whole new level with the Waboba Pro. The water-bouncing ball makes for unpredictable play as you surprise your partner with skipping or soaring throws. Spread out, take aim, and get ready to get splashed!

Clicker Crab Toss

9. Melissa & Doug Clicker Crab Toss and Grip

Little ones who haven’t quite mastered catching a ball can reach for Melissa & Doug’s Clicker Crab Toss and Grip game. Two cute, crustacean-themed self-stick mitts and balls make the whole catching thing a little easier while also helping the younger set develop their hand-eye coordination. It’s also available with frog-shaped mitts for junior amphibian enthusiasts.

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