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14 Genius Travel Gadgets You Can Get for $25 or Less

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You’ve got your passports and charging cables, Kindle, neck pillow, printed itinerary, and tons of excitement packed. But do you have the travel gadget that will make your family’s next trip the best one yet? We have you covered with a dozen genius travel gadgets you can get for $25 or less. Leveling up your family vacation will cost less than the valet parking at your city hotel.

Cool Mist USB Travel Humidifier; Courtesy of Amazon

1. Cool Mist USB Travel Humidifier

The Avett Brothers sing that you can’t fly away from your problems and when it comes to dry air, that’s certainly true. That’s why this Cool Mist USB Travel Humidifier is such a genius affordable travel gadget to always pack in your checked luggage. No matter where you go or in which kind of accommodations you stay, always breathe easier at night, with or without electricity. Just have a power bank and plug in your USB humidifier to immediately moisten your environment.

Flight Flap Phone & Tablet Holder; Courtesy of Amazon

2. Flight Flap Phone & Tablet Holder

As in-flight entertainment moves off of seatbacks and onto your own devices, this inexpensive and useful travel accessory becomes a must-own travel gadget to always have in your laptop bag or carry-in luggage. Never again have your arm go numb holding your phone in mid-air or cause an embarrassing tray table spill because you tried to lean your device on an empty can of Ginger Ale! Just get a Flight Flap travel gadget phone and tablet holder and stream your flight away.

Travel Baby Bottle Warmer; Courtesy of Amazon

3. Travel Baby Bottle Warmer

An essential travel gadget for traveling parents and their newborn babies, the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Portable Travel Baby Bottle Warmer will help ensure that your wee one always has their milk at exactly their favorite temperature—whether feeding time is at 30,000 feet in the air, in the middle of the sea on a cruise, at a campsite, or in a hotel. If you’re going on vacation with babies (and you should!), you absolutely need this portable bottle warmer.

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Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest ; Courtesy of Amazon

4. Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest 

This simple, genius travel gadget is one we all could have invented but didn’t, so instead we should just buy it and enjoy our next flight 1,000 percent more. A thick, memory foam foot swing will turn your economy seat in aisle 28 into a recliner with leg and back support. Feel refreshed and ready to rock and roll as soon as you land, with legs that aren’t stiff and achy, all thanks to a brilliant travel gadget under $25.

Travel Power Strip ; Courtesy of Amazon


5. Travel Power Strip 

We have so many devices and often, there are so few outlets (we’re looking at you, cruise ship cabins!). That charging conundrum is easily solved with a power strip travel gadget and we love this sharp circular one from NTONPOWER. There’s a total of three outlets and an accompanying trio of USB ports, all in a power strip that packs up neatly and nearly flat in a backpack.

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Steamfast Mini Dual Voltage Steam Iron; Courtesy of Amazon

6. Steamfast Mini Dual Voltage Steam Iron

Travel anywhere and always have your linens pressed and looking sharp with this handy, inexpensive travel steam iron. Not every hotel has a functioning iron and ironing board, and more and more travelers are eschewing hotels outright for more adventurous and affordable accommodations. So arrive prepared on your next family vacation to smooth your fancy pants with this Steamfast Mini Dual Voltage Steam Iron, a useful travel accessory for under $25.

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker; Courtesy of Amazon

7. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you’re camping, biking or chilling on the beach, a compact bluetooth speaker can make the difference between a bland travel day and a cool party on the road. We love the rose gold design of this lil’ beauty that fits in the palm of your hand like a pancake camera lens

ATOMIC BEAR Paracord Bracelet; Courtesy of Amazon

8. ATOMIC BEAR Paracord Bracelet

Your kid may be like ours, always thinking of the worst case scenario for our days spent hiking, traveling, and camping. While they still might fear some situations, this useful travel accessory you wear on your wrist should put some of their worries to rest. Built into this inconspicuous ATOMIC BEAR Paracord Bracelet is a fire starter, whistle, emergency knife, compass and 12-feet of military-grade paracord—something for nearly every situation you might encounter while traveling. 

Copco Reusable Water Bottle

9. Copco Reusable Water Bottle

This is the absolute best, easiest to clean, easiest to refill, non-leaking reusable water bottle out there. Made from BPA-free plastic with no hinges or buttons that will eventually break and no stainless steel metal that will ultimately start to taste like stainless steel metal, this Copco bottle feels like a disposable water bottle in your hand and will fit perfectly in the side pocket of your favorite backpack.

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Dramamine Less Drowsy; Courtesy of Amazon

10. Dramamine Less Drowsy

Dramamine is great, but pro travelers with less than strong constitutions know the Less Drowsy formula is best, works the longest and, well, makes you less drowsy! This means you can be wide awake while not being impacted by the movement of cruise ships, airplanes, trains or minivans on great American road trips all day long.

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No Knot Necklace Carrier; Courtesy of Amazon

11. No Knot Necklace Carrier

Anyone who’s ever traveled with an assortment of jewelry, or with a frustrated family member with a lot of jewelry, knows how tangled necklaces and earrings can get after being stuffed into a carry-on bag or suitcase. This clever and stylish No Knot Necklace Carrier will keep everything from your longest necklace to most bangle-y bracelets organized and knot-free while traveling. 

Toplus Car Trash Bag; Courtesy of Amazon

12. Toplus Car Trash Bag

We’ve loved all of the family road trips we’ve taken, including a pair of cross-country jaunts in mini-vans. But I personally loathe how dirty and disorganized the vans get while essentially living out of them for two or three weeks. Even as the outside gets filthy and moths splatter across the windshield, this cool, stylish Toplus Car Trash Bag helps keep the inside of the family ride tidy… and will help to keep you sane!

13. Miers No-Jet-Lag Pills

Jet lag can really put a damper on your first day or two of travel. But there’s an all-natural remedy for that! Try Miers No-Jet-Lag Pills for some relief. This remedy has no side effects; just take it when taking off (and then every one to two hours during your long-haul flight, or four hours for kids under 12). The best part? It’s safe for pregnant women and kids, so the whole family can survive jet lag together!

14. Strongman 50 Lb Magnetic Hooks

You’ll never know how much you needed magnetic hooks until you pack these magnetic hooks for your next trip. They’re perfect for hanging toiletry bags, towels, wet bathing suits, and more in your hotel room or vacation rental

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