Airport Lounges Popping Up Across the Country

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While membership to lounges operated by airlines is a privilege some travelers have, more and more airport lounges are opening across the United States to provide travelers with a place to relax during layovers and before flights.

Airport Lounge Development has been developing lounges around the globe and offers lounges in six locations in the U.S. for just $35 per day. Its Lounge Clubs allow children, some at no additional charge, and provide Wi-Fi access, computer stations, snacks and drinks, televisions, newspapers and magazines, and even showers in some locations.

With 45 million people expected to fly over the holiday season, these lounges provide personal waiting areas without membership fees, airline membership status or ticket class status.

Find club lounges in both the U.S. and international destinations by visiting Lounge Club’s website, which details amenities, ages and airport locations.

Lissa Poirot

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