New Disney Plane to Hawaii

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Disney’s upcoming movie release, “Moana,” centers around a Hawaiian tale, and to celebrate, Disney has partnered with Hawaiian Airlines to offer the first-ever Disney experience on a plane.

Hawaiian Airlines has decaled three of its aircraft with Disney’s “Moana” through March 2017, on flights departing from New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Beijing. The three custom Airbus A330 aircrafts features four characters from the movie with artwork supplied by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Inside, the overhead luggage bins on the “Moana”-themed airplanes will also be decorated with characters and artwork from the film. Passengers on these flights will receive special inflight entertainment, including an exclusive welcome video inspired by “Moana.” Co-branded items, including blankets, towels and children’s apparel, will also be available to purchase inflight.

“Moana” opens in theaters Nov. 23, 2016.

–Lissa Poirot

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