New Survey Shows Families Stress About Family Vacation Planning

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MasterCard released a family travel survey that revealed a whopping 89 percent of parents are stressed by the amount of time and effort required to plan the perfect family vacation, and that half of them wish they could redo a past family vacation.

Of the things most stressful for parents:
o 57 percent stress about getting to and from airports
o 50 percent stress about where to go on vacation
o 49 percent stress about finding fun and unique experiences and itineraries
o 44 percent stress about finding family-friendly accommodations

With concerns like these, more families are in need of vacation planning help, such as FamilyVacationCritic, which provides only family-friendly accommodations, attractions, destinations and advice.

If you are stressed about air travel, see the helpful advice in Air Travel. Find Family-Friendly Destinations, which features family-friendly attractions and reviews by parents on what they thought was great and what was not. Find more reviews and help in Family Resorts and Hotels. Need ideas? Check out articles on Family Vacation Ideas.

–Lissa Poirot

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