Six Flags Great Adventure Renames New Coaster

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When Six Flags announced new rides for every park, it said New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure would get a roller coaster called Looping Dragon. The park is still getting a coaster, but there’s been some slight, evil changes.

The new ride will instead be called El Diablo, and will feature a theme inspired by the Jersey Devil. (According to folklore, the Jersey Devil is a demonic creature said to have terrorized several people in New Jersey’s Pine Barrens).

On El Diablo, riders (who must be at least 48 inches in height) will be jolted back and forth on a seven-story circular track until the coaster completes a full spherical motion. Afterward, they’ll be suspended upside down before switching directions.

When El Diablo opens, Six Flags Great Adventure will feature a total of 13 roller coasters.

–Amanda Geronikos

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