Where to Find Changing Tables in Men’s Bathrooms

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Actor Ashton Kutcher, recent star of “Two and a Half Men” and “That 70s Show,” recently released his new-dad frustration into the social stratosphere. The new dad has complained that men’s public restrooms do not offer changing tables, challenging the first he finds to get a “shout out” on his Facebook page, which has more than 18 million followers.

With more than 18 million people reading his challenge, and more who are now reading about it in other social media and media feeds, will anyone take note?

My children are now out of diapers, but once upon a time, this was a complaint shared by my family. However, the good news is that some family-friendly attractions already know that changing tables are needed in both men’s and women’s facilities.

Where can you (and Ashton) find changing tables in men’s rooms? Here are a few key attractions:

– Disney World and Disneyland. Disney caters to families, so it should be of no surprise that they provide changing stations in men’s rooms. All Disney parks, including Disneyland and Disney World even have changing kits available in vending machines in case you need more diapers and wipes.

– Six Flags. Besides offer a Baby Care Center where parents can warm bottles, nurse and change diapers, the amusement parks feature changing stations in most men’s restrooms.

– SeaWorld. The theme parks feature more than one Baby Changing Rooms throughout the parks with room to fit the family. SeaWorlds are located in Orlando, San Antonio and San Diego.

– LEGOLAND. All women’s and men’s rooms have changing stations, in addition to family restrooms. LEGOLAND can be found in the San Diego and Orlando areas.

– Airports. And when you’re traveling, it’s good to know most airports offer family restrooms that are large enough for strollers, as well as suitcases, and more than one child.

–Lissa Poirot

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