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6 Best Scavenger Hunt Games for Kids 2021

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Scavenger hunts can rescue a rainy day on vacation, keep the kids busy on the road, or help them learn geography or get to know a new locale. Check out these portable, personalized party games for families on the go.

Travel Scavenger Hunt for Kids

1. Travel Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Take Travel Scavenger Hunt for Kids on your next road trip and kick screen time to the curb! The entire family will have fun searching for items in the “I Spy” format card game with photo and word clues. Play individually, as a team, or for small prizes. Chances are, you won’t hear “are we there yet?” for hours!

Go Trovo Treasure Hunt Game

2. Go Trovo Treasure Hunt Game

Rescue a rainy day on vacation—or get the kids outside to blow off some steam—with this fun, screen-free game for children ages 3 to 10. Kids embark on a mystery pirate adventure, following a map, solving clues and collecting “loot” on their way to discovering hidden treasure. You can play individually or as family teams. Clue cards (both indoor and outdoor), a treasure map and a treasure box with magnetic closure is included. Buy one for Grandma’s house and one for on-the-go use. Trust us, the kids will love it!

Card N Go Seek

3. Card n Go Seek

Kids can get creative AND get moving when playing an active card game like Card n Go Seek. The object is to find and retrieve a variety of items—from a “something sweet” to “something that would make it through airport security.” Card n Go Seek is recommended for children ages 7 to 15, but older teens will enjoy it too, and younger kids can easily play along when teamed with older family members.

Go Find it Too

4. Go Find It Too

Great for camping trips, hiking day trips and really any vacation activity, Go Find It Too will get kids outdoors and exploring nature. Task cards such as “Find something furry” invite curiosity and imagination. Go Find It Too can be played the traditional way (with cards,) or adapted for older kids as a photo scavenger hunt game.

Ultimate Book of Scavenger Hunts

5. The Ultimate Book of Scavenger Hunts

This book is scheduled to publish on June 1, and while we hope the quarantine is well over by then, it’s worth a pre-order. Geared towards kids ages 4 to 10, each hunt has accompanying facts about the items on the list, with illustrations for the smaller kids who can’t read just yet.

Ukloo Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt Game

6. uKloo Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt Game

This treasure hunt game has an added layer, each clue is a riddle that the kids have to figure out, and then go find the object! Not only will this enhance reading skills, but it also teaches problem solving, logic, and decision making, as well as writing skills, with extra pads for kids to write their own riddles!

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