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The Perfect Beach Outfit for Girls

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Our little ladies deserve to look adorable, but also be comfortable on the beach. As much as we want them to be our mini-me, the perfect beach wardrobe for girls includes a swimsuit that covers up the essentials and a rash guard that protects from the sun. Where we can add in a bit of flare is our daughter’s accessories. There are loads of cover ups, sunglasses and adorable sun hats just waiting to be mixed and matched for a day at the beach. Now your biggest problem may be convincing your little girl that she needs to wear them all. Let’s remember moms—our little unicorns are still just kids who want to splash, get dirty and build sand castles, too. So slap on that sunscreen and let’s have fun at the beach this year!

Osh Kosh B'Gosh Watermelon One-Piece Swimsuit for Girls; Courtesy of Amazon

The Perfect Beach Outfit for Girls: Swimsuit

Every parent has an opinion on the type of swimsuit their daughter should wear. There is no end to the options either. An OshKosh B’gosh one-piece swimsuit, tankini and a Roxy Girl rash guard swimsuit set are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the swimsuit search. What you need to look for is comfort around the legs, a secure fit so the suit isn’t drooping off your daughter’s shoulders all day, and whether it is machine washable or not (it needs to be). OshKosh B’gosh is a trusted name in children’s clothing, so you know you’re getting a quality swimsuit that won’t fall apart. Plus, their suits are machine washable, the fit is always perfect for little arms and legs, and their styles are spot on each season.

O'Neill Rash Guard in Pink; Courtesy of Amazon

The Perfect Beach Outfit for Girls: Rash Guard

Rash guards are just as important as a good swimsuit. O’Neill rash guards and wetsuits are made with the entire family in mind. Bright color options make it easy to spot your kids on the beach, especially if you have multiple children running around. Minimal seams mean maximum rash protection and the UPF 50-plus protection protects sensitive skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Grab a few for the kids to grow into, and don’t forget to wash your rash guards regularly and allow them to dry out each night. No one wants mold and mildew to grow in their swimwear.

RuffleButts Cover Up for Girls; Courtesy of Amazon

The Perfect Beach Outfit for Girls: Cover Up

Swimsuit cover ups are one of the more fun ways you can add a bit of style to a beach outfit. RuffleButts has a variety of loose-fitting woven kaftans designed by moms who believe in beauty and quality for their kids. Tassles, little pom poms and other details give your little girl a chance to let her personality shine through in a multitude of colors. Before you know it, she’ll be strutting around the beach as if she owns the place (but at least she will be protected from the sun).

Pro Acme Rubber Sunglasses; Courtesy of Amazon

The Perfect Beach Outfit for Girls: Sunglasses

No matter how much we love those heart-shaped sunglasses, every parent knows that a flexible polarized pair of Pro Acme Rubber specs will hold up to just about anything our kids do to it. The two-tone wayfarer style is fun and playful, and comes in enough color combinations to match almost any swimsuit and cover up you buy. A carrying pouch and cleaning cloth are included with these 100 percent UV protection lens sunglasses, so they can stay scratch free when you throw it back in your beach bag at the end of a long day.

Tuga Sun Hat; Courtesy of Amazon

The Perfect Beach Outfit for Girls: Sun Hat

Cover up those curls or pigtails this season with a vibrant Tuga reversible hat or a San Diego straw hat. Most parents forget that little girls’ hair naturally parts down the middle or to the side and this is a prime sunburn zone. While you could spray your daughter’s hair down with sunscreen, a hat is the easier answer. We love Tuga and San Diego wide brim hats because they provide maximum sun protection, covering the face and neck, and have an attached string that can secure the hat around the chin. No more chasing after a hat as it flies down the beach!

Roxy Girls Sandals; Courtesy of Amazon

The Perfect Beach Outfit for Girls: Sandals

Sandals are another beach staple that need to be able to pull double, sometimes triple duty. They have to be functional on the beach, pair well with a cute cover up if you pop into a restaurant, allow your daughter to run, and stay on but slip off with ease when she wants to hit the water. Roxy sandals do all of this and more. These sandals look good, give a little bit of detail to add some pizazz to her outfit and stay on her feet thanks to that back strap. Best of all, the toe piece is soft, so it won’t rub your little girl’s skin raw the first time she wears them.

Swim Elite Kids Goggles; Courtesy of Amazon

The Perfect Beach Outfit for Girls: Googles

Diving under the ocean or pool shouldn’t cause any child pain, and yet, sand, salt water and chlorine are bound to get in their eyes because kids just can’t help taking a peek. Hand your daughter a pair of Swim Elite Kids Goggles to protect her eyes from harsh elements underwater and UV rays above. These goggles were designed by parents with comfort and fit in mind. An odorless, hypoallergenic silicone is used to construct this eyewear so no suction marks are left on the face, and hair isn’t constantly being pulled out when you try to get the goggles off of your child’s head. Best of all, the goggles come with a car-shaped carrying case your kids might actually remember to use. No more lost goggles at the beach and pool sounds good to us!

Oceans7 Child Life Jacket; Courtesy of Amazon

The Perfect Beach Outfit for Girls: Life Vest

Every child should feel safe in the water, which means they need to wear a life vest. The trouble is, not all kids want to wear one. Pick up a fun pink, purple or patterned life vest for your little princess and the fight to protect her might not be as much of a struggle. The Oceans7 child life jacket is U.S. Coast Guard approved, with three adjustable straps across the chest and one strap going between the legs for ultimate protection.

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