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Vacation Rentals: What to Consider Before Booking

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If your family is considering renting a vacation home for your next vacation — perhaps you’re traveling with other family members or you just want a home-away-from-home — here are some questions to consider:

Who Should Rent a Vacation Home?
Vacation rentals are for everyone, but especially popular with families. Families with young children who need a homier environment and lots of comforts of home do well in vacation rentals. So do multigenerational families traveling together. Large rentals can accommodate families with multiple bedrooms and multiple floors. And travelers who want to feel like a local will love vacation homes, especially in cities.

What Are the Pros?
Vacation homes come with the luxury of offering accommodations for larger families, from studios to five-bedroom (or more) houses. They are equipped with kitchens, which can help trim dining costs and save on the trouble of seating a large family at a restaurant. They may also come with washers and dryers, which are especially handy when traveling with infants or toddlers.

Some vacation homes offer special amenities, such as pools, beach access and ski slope access. Many in resort areas may even stock bicycles, beach gear and other items to help enjoy a vacation.

What Are the Cons?
While vacation homes often come with linens and fully stocked kitchens, you’ll have to do the daily cleaning if renting a house. Condo rentals with resort amenities may provide daily housekeeping options, but it may be at an additional cost.

When staying at a hotel, all of the rooms and suites will have a standard decor, while in a vacation rental, homes will come decorated to the owners’ tastes. Some may have the same style as you, while others, not so much.

When Is a Rental Not Right?
Vacation rentals do not operate as hotels and instead may require guests to stay a minimum of nights in order to rent. Often, beach rentals in the summer require seven-night stays, and those seven nights are Sunday through Sunday, and not on your schedule. If you need one- or two-night accommodations or a stay that works around your schedule, choose a hotel instead.

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