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American Museum of Natural History


American Museum of Natural History

79th Street and Central Park West, New York, 10024, NY

The American Museum of Natural History is a must-do. Starting with the tallest baryonyx skeleton in the world at the main entrance, AMNH presents extensive compendium of artifacts and exhibits from the natural world — the famous dioramas, Mammal halls, Ocean life, Rose Planetarium, Gems and Minerals, the Butterfly Conservatory, Hall of Human Origins. Word to the wise: It’s best to focus your visit at rather than attempting to take it all in. Pick a few exhibits of particular interest, spend real time in them, and save other sections for your next trip. Families who try to see it all will almost surely overwhelmed, dazed, and exhausted, able to recall little other than feeling overwhelmed, dazed, and exhausted! By limiting your focus, your kids will have a more meaningful and more memorable experience.

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