Teens and Tweens Running on Beach; Courtesy of Sergey Novikov/Shutterstock.com
All-Inclusive Vacations

10 Best All Inclusive Resorts for Teens in…

by Amanda Norcross

Even the pickiest teenagers will approve of these all-inclusive resorts, where teen-specific activities—from laser tag…

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9 Instagram-Worthy Hotels Your Teens Will Love

by Courtney Elko

Let's face it: kids are going to be on their phones whether they're sitting in…

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Teens on Disney Cruise Ship; Courtesy of Disney
Age-Friendly Travel

10 Best Cruise Ships for Teens in 2020

by Jeff Bogle

https://youtu.be/kq5UzAj8vG0 Some cruise ships are just better than others when it comes to keeping teens…

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Age-Friendly Travel

6 On-Location Movie and TV Tours for Teens

by Courtney Elko

Want to be an Emmy-nominated parent? Take your kids to one of these on-location movie…

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Cultural Vacations

11 Best High School Study Abroad Programs

by Carrie Calzaretta

High school study abroad programs are seemingly endless; pick any country and you're almost guaranteed…

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10 Best Family-Friendly College Towns

by Maxwell Barna

In what seems like the blink of an eye, the kids you've raised are all…

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Trending for Teens

Family Travel Gear
Kids Crocs in Water; Courtesy of Tom Gowanlock/Shutterstock.com

8 Best Water Shoes for the Beach

by Terry Ward

Inspecting tidal pools for critters and splashing in the waves is more enjoyable when nobody’s complaining about sore feet. Enter the water shoe—the go-anywhere footwear with…

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Beach Vacations

8 Best Beach Wagons and Carts for 2023

by Wendy Helfenbaum

What’s more relaxing than a day of sand and surf? The sea breeze, the warm sun, and best of all… the unimaginable amount of family…

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Best Family Vacations
Family of four sitting in the trunk of their car with suitcases nearby

11 Best Road Trip Games for Families

by Jackie Perrin

Games for a family road trip need three ingredients in order to maximize their vacation mileage: portability, a minimum number of small parts, and a…

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Family Travel Gear
Girl doing homework and looking at her smartwatch, which shows an alert to a new message

10 Best Smartwatches for Kids 2022

by Dave Parfitt

Looking for the best smartwatch for kids? More and more parents are trying to find that perfect smartwatch for kids, tweens, and teenagers in the family. When picking a smartwatch for…

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Air Travel
Suitcase or luggage on conveyor belt in the airport waiting

8 Things You Should Never Put in Your Checked Bag

by Keryn Means

As I wandered the racks of Unclaimed Baggage, a shopping wonderland where lost luggage goes to find new homes just outside of Huntsville, Alabama, I…

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At-Home Activities
Pink instant camera printing a blank photo on a table with other photos and pink roses

8 Best Instant Cameras for Kids

by Karon Warren

Kids today love taking photos, especially selfies. But they also love taking photos with instant cameras, those cameras that immediately print out photos. These make…

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7 Prettiest Places to Go Ice Skating With Kids

by Maxwell Barna

Gingerbread cookies, cackling warm fireplaces, mistletoe, the smell of fresh pine needles, snowmen, downhill sled races, red noses; all of these things embody the holiday…

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Family Travel Gear
Two parents and one child wearing matching holiday pajamas and sitting around a Christmas tree

11 Best Christmas Pajamas for the Whole Family

by Jeff Bogle

You may think you don’t want Christmas pajamas for the whole family. But then you see your friends on Instagram posing for their holiday photos…

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