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Devil’s Punchbowl


Devil’s Punchbowl

U.S. Highway 101, Otter Crest Loop, Newport, OR

For one of the more unique natural wonders along the Oregon coast, the Devil’s Punchbowl offers two different experiences. At high tide, you will marvel at the waves crashing against the rounded cliffs, but at low tide, you get some of the best tide pools in the area. Kids will love descending into the Punchbowl to look for crabs, mussels, anemone, urchins, and starfish. Just keep in mind — an area like this is never one to take lightly, so always keep an eye on your kids and the water.

Around the Punchbowl are caves, waterfalls, strange rock formations, mounds of driftwood, and plenty of walking trails to explore it all. Follow the paved trail to the north of the parking lot to reach even more tide pools.

There are bathrooms and picnic facilities here, all at no charge. Right next to the parking lot is Mo’s Restaurant, famous for its clam chowder. And next to that is The Flying Dutchman Winery, which should make parents happy after a long day of beachcombing.