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Ten Neighborhoods


Ten Neighborhoods

1 Six Flags Blvd., Jackson, NJ

Six Flags is separated into ten themed sections: Adventure Alley, Adventure Seaport, Boardwalk, Fantasy Forest, Frontier Adventures, Golden Kingdom, Lakefront, Main Street, Movietown, and Plaza Del Carnaval. During the “Holiday in the Park” season, these areas take on temporary names, such Treetop Summit, Gingerbread Junction, Whimsical Wonderland, Polar Point, Snowman City, and Poinsettia Peak.

Each neighborhood has a selection of rides, entertainment venues, food vendors or sit-down restaurants, shopping, and restrooms. Most have storage locker stations, baby care centers, and ATM’s. While all sections of the park appeal to all age groups, there are smaller areas within these specifically geared to pre-school-age children, such as: Bugs Bunny National Park in Frontier Adventures, with its giant water tower and fountain in the middle, and Splash Water Oasis, a small water play area in the Golden Kingdom.