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15 Best Fart Jokes and Gifts for Kids

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There are few things in the life of a child more hilarious than hearing someone fart unexpectedly. Thankfully (or not, depending on your point of view), we are alive in an age where there’s no shortage of fart joke books, fart sound machines, flatulence-themed candy and even plush tooting toys. Here are 15 of the best fart joke gifts to buy for kids.

Fart Launcher 3000; Courtesy Walmart

1. Fart Launcher 3000

This futuristic looking fart launcher promises to be powered by “the deadliest farts” so watch out when your kiddo sneaks up behind you with the ultimate of fart gag gifts and blasts some serious thunder from down under your way. The silent, but deadly launcher includes one stink cartridge, which provides a whopping 100 stink bombs capable of traveling up to 10 feet. 

The Book of Fart Puzzles; Courtesy Amazon

2. The Book of Fart Puzzles

Looking for a fart joke book that’s more than just a collection of knock-knock gags? This big book of fart puzzles, word searches, crosswords, and cryptograms will have your child putting down their tablets and turning off YouTube to cut the cheese, and their teeth, on 94 pages of activities dedicated to the almighty toot!

Farts Around the World; Courtesy Walmart

3. Farts Around the World: A Spotter’s Guide

There are travel guides that will ensure you don’t miss the spectacular architecture in Barcelona or the most picturesque cafes in Paris, and those are important volumes to have in your backpack while seeing the world with your family, but this particular travel book will help you navigate the tricky issue of farting in foreign cities and sites. It’s true! Farts Around the World is a hilarious guide for managing the proper etiquette of your emissions from inside British tea rooms to Japanese kung fu competitions.

Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy; Courtesy Amazon

4. Poop Emoji Farting Plush Toy

A ubiquitous poop emoji that farts? What’s not to love?! Even better, there are seven “real” fart sounds emanating from this adorable plush turd measuring just over 4 inches tall. The batteries can’t be replaced, but after 25,000 simulated cheek squeaks, the fart joke gift that is this poop emoji stuffie will probably be ready to be figuratively flushed!

Big Book of Farty Facts; Courtesy Amazon

5. Big Book of Farty Facts

This 140-page book is so much more than just fart jokes for kids. Inside, you and your tooting tots will learn that there’s such a thing as a professional fart smeller, figure out the science of farts powering an astronaut in space, and discover the country where letting it rip is actually illegal. Everything you ever wanted to know about farts and farting is in this jam-packed, entertaining book for kids.

Remote Fart Machine; Courtesy Walmart

6. Remote Fart Machine

Imagine clever spy technology that was developed with the sole purpose of making it seem like your archenemy at school—or your big brother—is letting a series of nasty farts rip while at the dinner table, in the backseat of the car during a road trip, or while in the basement playing video games with his friends. With a 100-foot range and 30 loud fart noises, this remote controlled fart gag gift will blast your way to a riotous good time.

Jurassic Farts, A Spotters Guide Dinosaur Fart Book; Courtesy Amazon

7. Jurassic Farts, A Spotters Guide Dinosaur Fart Book

Combining little boys’ two favorite things, this spotter’s guide goes back in time to examine everything from a tooting T-rex to stegosaurus stink bombs, with a clever sound effect toy included to hear dinosaurs roaring out their backsides! Expect funny fart jokes from the Jurassic period that’ll have your Dino-heads on the floor laughing.

16-Inch Mega Whooppee Cushion; Courtesy Amazon

8. 16-Inch Mega Whooppee Cushion

There are whoopee cushions and then there’s this massive, 16-inch mega fart joke gift perfect for pulling off amazing pranks on your friends and family. It’ll be harder to disguise it, but your funny kid will be able to let the good times rip with the mother of all whoopee cushions!

Jurassic Farts Fossil Fuels Coloring Book; Courtesy Amazon

9. Jurassic Farts Fossil Fuels Coloring Book

Whether you buy this for your fart-obsessed toddler or for yourself (if you’re still coloring inside the lines of the adult coloring trend), coloring farting dinosaurs is sure to make your family laugh together while giving you and your kids the perfect excuse to ditch screen time for a few hours.

Poo Throw Poop Shot Basketball Game; Courtesy Amazon

10. Poo Throw Poop Shot Basketball Game

Buying fart gag gifts is a surefire way to get a gaggle of kids to laugh-fart their heads off. With this game, one “lucky” player puts the included basketball hoop atop their head then their siblings, parents and friends toss 20 dark and light brown poop emoji faces into the net. This poop-a-shot game is easily the dirtiest clean fun you can have with your kids!

Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy; Courtesy Amazon

11. Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy

Cotton candy snacks disguised as animal farts? Yes, please! No kid on earth will be able to resist breaking wind while breaking open a bag of blue raspberry unicorn fart gifts, whether they’re munching these sweet-smelling sweets during a party with friends or just at home watching Saturday morning cartoons on the sofa with dad. Check out the peppermint scented reindeer fart cotton candy as well as dog, cat, pony and bunny fart cotton candy (with 10 percent of profits being tooted out to animal charities).

Diary of a Farting Creeper: Book 1; Courtesy Amazon

12. Diary of a Farting Creeper

Chock-full of fart jokes for kids, this is a clever literary combination of three things most American kids love: the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series, Minecraft and, of course, farting! Book two is out now, too, but start with Diary of a Farting Creeper, the genesis of this tooting tale that unravels the mystery of why the famous creepers from Minecraft are farting instead of exploding.

Fart Wars: May The Farts Be With You; Courtesy Amazon

13. Fart Wars: May The Farts Be With You

You’d prefer to only fart when you’re traveling (Han) solo, but sometimes the force of the gas is too strong within you and you end up shaking the empire with the power of your farts. Your children love the Star Wars movies, and of course they can’t get enough of making fart jokes, so this funny paperback book, Fart Wars: May The Farts Be With You, is perfect for young padawans.

World’s Best Farter T-shirt; Courtesy Amazon

14. World’s Best Farter T-shirt

For Father’s Day or any day, this hilarious World’s Best Farter fart gift T-shirt is sure to make dad LOL for real… and when he does, he’ll probably demonstrate why you are bestowing upon him the title of world’s best farter and father. If silly text-based T-shirts aren’t dad’s thing, check out the World’s Best Farter mug for his morning coffee.

Unicorn Fartz Magical Fart Noise Maker; Courtesy Amazon

15. Unicorn Fartz Magical Fart Noise Maker

What is it with unicorns and their digestive issues? This funny farting keychain toy expels not stinky gas but a half-dozen magical fart sounds at the touch of six star shaped buttons, proving once and for all that eating too many rainbows is not the ideal diet… not even for a magical, mythical creature. Luckily, young kids love both unicorns and farts, so this funny fart joke gift idea is sure to bring out the giggles at home and on the playground.

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