Family Activities:

Allen County Public Library


Allen County Public Library

900 Library Plz, Fort Wayne, IN

This public library, which looks more like a university library or community center, offers various activities for kids, like the children’s center and LEGO club. But it is also the second largest genealogy center in the world. If you are looking to trace back your roots or do some research about your ancestors, this is the spot. The genealogy center offers visitors a wealth of knowledge and access to more than 2.8-million online and 1.2-million physical records for free. The staff will help guide you in the right direction or get you started on your family tree and then you are ready to start digging into your personal history.

This center has digitized millions of records and continues to do so daily and the general public is always welcome to bring old letters, diaries and records to the center to have them added to the collection. But do understand it could take years to have them digitized. Once you’re satisfied with your research, perhaps you would like it bound in a book. The genealogy center is happy to bound two copies of your book for you and keep a copy on their shelves, all for free. Travelers from around the world visit this center and often return every year to do more research. So if you are into genealogy, this is a must see in Fort Wayne.